He couldn’t remember feeling this sort of rush before. Falling through passing clouds and tearing through them, the wisps still clung to his fingers. He giggled and laughed like he was a small child playing with their favorite toy, and yet others looked on as if the boy had absolutely lost every fibre of his mind,

((I’m not ded c heur. I’m just being lazy and not coloring it. Still on Hiatus, but… eh. taduurrr.))
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((2 hours ago. At my school…

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I hope this makes your night, PAC. I probably should have gone, but I don’t care for donkey basketball.))

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((aHAHA— REMEMBER ME? NO? That’s okay. Life/Hiatus Update:))

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((Here’s a doodle. Doki Doki Sakura Blossoms.))

((Well, it was nice to dip my feet into PAC again. Might be back on later on tonight, but if not you can always find me on skype~. ))

((He-eeyyy. Howzit goin’. I have work in a halfn’ hour.))

Wailords on the Moon song

We’re Wailords on the moon

There’s not too much room

But there ain’t no cares

So we flail our tails

and sing our Wailord tune. 

((*stares at PAC circuit* … *stares at team of baby emongas* … Oi, I have work.))


Literally the cutest thing I have ever seen <3
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